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QCN Fibre first to connect to Sunshine Coast cable

17 Apr, 2020

QCN Fibre will be the first network operator to connect to the 550km Sunshine Coast branch of the JGA South cable system. The Queensland cable has the first landing station on Australia’s east coast outside of Sydney, QCN CEO Derek Merdith (pictured) told CommsDay. QCN is the State Government backed backhaul provider that is using the fibre assets of Powerlink and Energy Queensland. Most telcos eschew the approach of “build it and they will come,” Merdith said. “Our strategy is perhaps the opposite in that we need to expand the infrastructure to allow things to happen, not for something to happen first and then build-in later.” “It’s part of our commitment to help develop the infrastructure in Queensland,” the CEO added. QCN has signed an agreement to connect to the Sunshine Coast cable, which was developed by the Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with RTI Connectivity. The telco expects to offer services over the cable by July. Construction of the $6.6 million landing station was completed late last year. The 7000km JGA South lands in Sydney and Guam. The consortium backing the cable includes AARNet and Google, and the project has been led by RTI. RTI’s chief executive Russ Matulich…

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Outland internet boosted by cable

05 Apr, 2020

REGIONAL Queensland will soon have access to a broadband internet network that rivals the speed and prices of Australia’s metropolitan…

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Queensland’s newest backhaul provider ready to launch services

17 Mar, 2020

QCN Fibre’s chief executive Derek Merdith says the Queensland government backed backhaul provider expects to kick off services from April.…

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