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QCN Fibre partners with Channel Wireless, CBN

27 Jul, 2020

Goondiwindi and Warwick are among the regional Queensland towns now connected by QCN Fibre’s backhaul network. QCN Fibre is jointly owned by government electricity utilities Powerlink Queens land and Energy Queensland. QCN Fibre’s chief executive, Derek Merdith, said the backhaul provider would partner with local ISPs as well as the major carriers in regional Queensland to improve coverage, capacity and cost. “In areas currently underserviced by existing telecommunications players, the partnership will build the ‘last mile’ connections to serve the residential and business markets,” Merdith said. In Goondiwindi, QCN Fibre has partnered with Channel Wireless and local internet service provider Country Broadband Network. Channel Wireless is providing the lastmile connection for the town. Channel Wireless CEO Dan Thompson said the company could deliver wireless services up to 500Mbps. “Until now, we had been constrained by the available capacity and high cost, to get our data back to Brisbane and to the internet which meant having to reduce speeds available to customers,” Thompson said. “Working with QCN Fibre means we can open up the pipes.” QCN has also partnered with Channel Wireless in Warwick, where meat exporter John Dee Export Pty Ltd is a key end user. “The company has an…

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Faster internet is on its way to Toowoomba

25 Jun, 2020

INTERNET speeds “up to 10 times faster than what Toowoomba has now” will soon be possible for thousands of Darling…

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QCN Fibre sees role facilitating edge DCs

09 Jun, 2020

The real estate holdings of Queensland electricity utilities and local councils could be used to house edge datacentres in regional…

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QCN eyes CopperString opportunities in Queensland

26 May, 2020

Fibre laid as part of Queensland’s massive CopperString 2.0 high-voltage transmission line could open up new opportunities for the state…

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