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QCN hatches plan to unite disparate Regional Connectivity bids to secure co-funding

08 Oct, 2020

Queensland backhaul provider QCN Fibre is working on a “master proposal” for the $83m Regional Connectivity Program that will draw together projects across rural Queensland into a unified application for the federal co-funding initiative. The telco is seeking expressions of interest to be part of its proposal. The state government-owned carrier has around 12,000 kilometres of fibre, which eclipses most backhaul providers in Queensland, CEO Derek Merdith told CommsDay. “With most of these issues, it all comes down to backhaul,” he said. “You can put up a local wi-fi service in any town, but if you can’t get the backhaul the business model fails.” He said that in regional Queensland there was both demand for better services and the technical capability among wireless ISPs. “It’s the cost of bringing the backhaul that kills the business model,” the CEO said. The master proposal would cover the extension of QCN’s fibre into towns its network currently passes as well as the infrastructure needed for a local Wi-Fi provider to deliver services. An example of the kind of project that could be included would be Warwick in south east Queensland, where QCN earlier this year announced it had partnered with Channel Wireless to…

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Installing pit 2

Toowoomba businesses eyeing off digital future

16 Sep, 2020

In 2020, the Chamber of Commerce Queensland released its digital readiness report. The report looked at how businesses use technology,…

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How new internet technology is helping the RSPCA

10 Aug, 2020

FASTER and sharper priced internet in Toowoomba means the RSPCA’s new Darling Downs animal shelter will be in a better…

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Internet ‘Beefed Up’

06 Aug, 2020

The Queensland Government says meat exporter John Dee “is having its internet capacity beefed up through backhaul provider QCN Fibre,…

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