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QCN Fibre expands reach to all state NBN POIs

19 Oct, 2020

QCN Fibre can provide backhaul to all of NBN Co’s points of interconnect in Queensland, the state government owned company has announced. QCN’s initial work program involved connecting its existing fibre network to six regional NBN POIs in Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. “Our launch strategy was to activate services to these key regional centres by mid 2020. We have achieved that,” said chief executive Derek Merdith. Merdith added: “When we inspected the more than 12,000 kilometres of fibre we inherited from our parent companies, Energy Queensland and Powerlink, and considered current market conditions, connecting to all 22 POIs became both technically achievable and a competitive necessity. “Today, there are only two primary backhaul providers to the six regional POIs.  Whilst NBN provides some competition, small ISPs must ultimately rely on a limited range of suppliers for backhaul services from the POI to Brisbane. Regional backhaul currently costs several times that of metropolitan backhaul.” The CEO said QCN’s backhaul “is critical in supporting local businesses across regional Queensland.” “Through lowering backhaul prices, our customers should be able to lower the cost of NBN business grade services to our regions. Levelling the playing field means that NBN Internet Service…

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QCN hatches plan to unite disparate Regional Connectivity bids to secure co-funding

08 Oct, 2020

Queensland backhaul provider QCN Fibre is working on a “master proposal” for the $83m Regional Connectivity Program that will draw…

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Toowoomba businesses eyeing off digital future

16 Sep, 2020

In 2020, the Chamber of Commerce Queensland released its digital readiness report. The report looked at how businesses use technology,…

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How new internet technology is helping the RSPCA

10 Aug, 2020

FASTER and sharper priced internet in Toowoomba means the RSPCA’s new Darling Downs animal shelter will be in a better…

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