Right to Information

QCN Fibre is committed to making information about our functions and operations publicly available in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009.

How to access information

Administrative release of personal information

Access to personal information is made through submission of an Information Privacy application sent directly to QCN Fibre using the Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form. There is no charge for access to personal information.

Any personal information held by QCN Fibre that is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or out of date can be amended through a Personal Information Amendment Application form.

Access under the Right to Information Act

Access to non-exempt QCN Fibre information that is not available either through this website or by administrative release, may be made by submitting a Right to Information application directly to QCN Fibre. Download, print and complete the Right to Information Application form.

A successful Right to Information application may incur a number of application, processing or access fees and charges. Further information regarding the relevant fees and charges is available via the Office of the Information Commissioner website.

Contacting QCN Fibre

For applications in relation to Right to Information or Information Privacy Access and Amendment Applications, please write to the Chief Executive.

Chief Executive
Queensland Capacity Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 210
E: enquiries@qcnfibre.com.au

Please contact us if you require any information available from the QCN Fibre website in an alternative format. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests.

Providing feedback

If you wish to provide feedback on the content of information made available by QCN Fibre under the Right to Information Act 2009, you may forward written feedback to the Chief Executive at the address above.

If you wish to provide feedback about the availability of information on this website please submit a comment through our Complaints Policy page.

Publications scheme

The general right of access conferred by the Right to Information Act 2009 does not extend to ‘exempt’ information.

Information is classified as ‘exempt’ where Parliament has determined that there is an overwhelming public interest in not disclosing the information because of confidentiality, privacy or security.

The QCN Fibre publication scheme describes and categorises ‘non-exempt’ information routinely published by QCN Fibre. It gives the community greater access to information. QCN Fibre’s information is grouped and accessible through six classes:

QCN Fibre is the registered trading name of Queensland Capacity Network Pty Ltd ACN: 633 081 517. QCN Fibre is an Australian Proprietary Company, limited by shares registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). General enquiries about QCN Fibre can be made through our Contact Us page.

QCN Fibre is a telecommunications provider under the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Additional details are provided on the About Us page.

QCN Fibre’s core business is to unlock spare capacity in government owned fibre networks to sell wholesale backhaul services to telecommunication service providers.

Information about how QCN Fibre spends its funds can be seen in the audited consolidated financial statements within Powerlink Queensland’s Annual Reports.

As a subsidiary of Powerlink Queensland, QCN Fibre’s financial management is undertaken both internally and within Powerlink Queensland. Each financial year both QCN Fibre and Powerlink Queensland work together in ensuring compliance with the Code of Practice for Government Owned Corporation’s Financial Arrangements, as well as implementing sound financial controls to ensure accurate financial reporting.

We have also developed a Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Policy in accordance with the State Government’s ‘Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Guidelines’.

Information in relation to QCN Fibre’s delegations of authority can be found under ‘our decisions‘.

Annual Report

As a subsidiary of Powerlink Queensland, QCN Fibre’s operational and financial activities are reported via Powerlink Queensland’s Annual Report.

Electronic versions of Powerlink Queensland’s Annual Report are available to view and download from their website. Hard copies of the Annual Report are available by calling Powerlink on (07) 3860 2111 or writing to:

External Communications Manager
Powerlink Queensland
PO Box 1193 Virginia
Queensland Australia 4014

Performance indicators

Powerlink Queensland’s Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI) contains a framework for performance monitoring that ensures its Board is accountable to its shareholding Ministers for its performance. As a subsidiary of Powerlink Queensland, the key performance indicators for QCN Fibre are included in Powerlink Queensland’s SCI.

Delegations of authority

QCN Fibre’s Board Charter enables the Board to delegate any of its powers to any persons they select for any period, to be exercised for any objects and purposes on any terms and subject to any conditions and restrictions as they think fit, and may revoke, withdraw, alter or vary delegation of any of those powers.

Under QCN Fibre’s Authorisations Policy, the Board authorises the Chair, the Chief Executive and other nominated employees of QCN Fibre to exercise certain powers, authorities, functions and duties.

QCN Fibre’s Board Charter

To facilitate our day-to-day operations, the Board has delegated its authority (within specified limits) to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive may seek approval from the Board to sub-delegate any function, power or duty conferred or imposed on them to any employee of the company, whom they believe to be appropriately qualified to exercise the sub-delegation.

Delegation of authority attaches to the position, not the individual occupying the position, and only the occupier of the position (including those acting in a position) may exercise that authority.

It is the responsibility of each delegate to ensure that they act within the strict limits of their delegated authority.

Our Policies

The Code of Conduct sets out the standard of behaviour which is expected at QCN Fibre, to enable QCN Fibre staff to contribute to the delivery of QCN Fibre’s objectives.

The guiding principles and requirements of the Code apply to each staff member’s daily tasks and duties at QCN Fibre.

Code of Conduct


QCN Fibre is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that supports open and honest dialogue. We encourage and respect complaints from both internal and external sources for the insights they may provide to the way QCN Fibre performs and operates its business. This helps us ensure high standards of compliance and ethics.

We have a clear procedure for managing and resolving operational complaints that relate to our day-to-day business.

Complaints Policy

Complaints in relation to QCN Fibre’s activities can be raised directly by contacting QCN Fibre’s Corporate Services Manager.

Corporate Services Manager
Queensland Capacity Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 210
E: enquiries@qcnfibre.com.au


Complaints may also be received from internal and external sources that relate to allegations of wrongdoing (for example corrupt conduct, unethical or illegal conduct). We encourage the reporting of wrongdoing and we seek to support and provide appropriate protections for people making complaints, and also those who are the subject of complaints. We are committed to ensuring that the rights of anyone who reports wrongdoing in good faith are protected and we have a clear procedure for addressing these types of complaints.

QCN Fibre has a Whistleblower Protection Policy that applies to current and former QCN Fibre officers, employees, contractors and suppliers who wish to report corrupt, illegal or unethical conduct regarding QCN Fibre activities.

Whistleblower Protection Policy and Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Complaints in relation to wrongdoing can be raised directly by contacting QCN Fibre’s Chief Executive.

Chief Executive
Queensland Capacity Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 210
E: notices@qcnfibre.com.au

Working for a government owned corporation subsidiary often means being in a position of trust. When the conduct of an employee does, or might be perceived to, involve a conflict between private interests and corporate duty, this trust is placed at risk and a potential or actual conflict of interest may arise.

A potential conflict of interest exists when it appears an employee’s private interests could interfere with the proper and impartial performance of official duties in the best interests of QCN Fibre.

An actual conflict of interest exists when a reasonable person, in possession of the relevant facts, would conclude that the employee’s private interests are likely to interfere with the proper and impartial performance of official duties in the best interests of QCN Fibre.

In such circumstances, QCN Fibre employees must put personal views or interests aside and report any actual or potential conflict of interest. The public must be able to trust that QCN Fibre employees will act impartially, and in accordance with our policies and procedures.

Conflict of Interest Policy

QCN Fibre’s Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Policy is based on the ‘Government Owned Corporations Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Guidelines’ and provides guidance to what is considered reasonable expenditure in relation to corporate entertainment and hospitality. It also clarifies accountability for expenditure while recognising management will need to exercise its judgment in relation to the expenditure contributing to QCN Fibre’s overall business goals.

Expenditure is to be relevant and appropriate to the circumstances, and prudent in balancing the expected business benefits with community standards of reasonableness.

Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Policy

QCN Fibre is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors and associated personnel. Every individual is responsible and accountable for the health and safety of themselves and others around them, and our senior management are active role models of this commitment.

QCN Fibre’s commitment to delivering health and safety outcomes for everyone, everywhere and every day is located in our Work Health and Safety Policy.

Work Health and Safety Policy

The Chief Executive is directed and authorised by the Board to deal with applications and make decisions on access to documents made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act).

All QCN Fibre staff are to immediately refer all requests for access to documents under the RTI Act or IP Act to the Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive (or their authorised delegate) is directed and authorised to deal with applications for internal review of decisions made under the RTI and IP Acts.

Information published through the RTI process will be made available in our disclosure log below. To access the information listed below, please write to the Chief Executive.

Chief Executive
Queensland Capacity Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 210
E: enquiries@qcnfibre.com.au

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